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Experience Inclusion

Fun. Friendship. Learning.

Round Lake Camp is located on 1250 wooded acres, approximately 90 minutes from New York City. This meadow and mountain environment creates a backdrop for fun-filled days.

The inclusion model at NJY Camps is unique in the camping world. We have created an environment of opportunity and choice.  At NJY Camps we believe in creating an inclusive environment in which Round Lake campers are able to integrate into all mainstream activities based on their level of comfort and interest. Campers are able to attend a typical sleep away camp, while benefitting from the additional supports put in place for Round Lake campers. We achieve this by sharing all the facilities and programming with our mainstream camps Camp Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake Camp. We also provide programming specific to Round Lake campers for those who prefer it. Some campers choose to integrate all throughout the day, while other campers choose to join the mainstream programs for certain activities. Campers’ schedules are individualized based on their needs and requests.

The Round Lake Goal

Confidence. Achievement. Self-Worth.

Each experience at Round Lake is designed to help develop confidence and improve peer interaction, as well as to have fun and feel secure in their camp environment. A chief motivation that informs the design of all programming is the mission to help campers improve their social skills in a supportive environment. Campers experience success in their daily lives, develop healthy relationships with their peers and learn necessary life skills. While keeping a strong focus on the group dynamic, we are always looking to foster individual achievements and pride. Our program is flexible and individualized such that each camper’s interests, needs, goals and supportive services can be met. The camp experience is designed to offer campers life skills that lead to success and a feeling of accomplishment, and developed to encourage our campers to be part of a group.
The group experience is the keystone to success. Friendship and communication are the cornerstones of every camper’s goals. Campers are placed within a compatible cabin group where constant opportunity for self-understanding and friendship is provided.

The Round Lake Camper

Unique. Valued. Supported.

Round Lake Camp serves children between the ages of 7 to 17 with a wide array of special needs. Campers come from both private and public educational environments in which they have been a part of resource programs, self-contained classrooms and general education settings. Acceptance is contingent upon interviews and supportive materials which are consistent with camp’s philosophy. Our campers present with a variety of diagnoses including, but not limited to, high-functioning autism, ADHD, communication disorders, social skills challenges and learning disabilities.

Our 7 to 11 year old Round Lake campers reside in dedicated bunks on the Nah-Jee-Wah campus, while campers 12 years and older live in dedicated bunks on the Cedar Lake Campus. To insure a strong inclusive program, we share all the facilities and programming with our respective camps. Our campers benefit from the support of a high counselor to camper ratio. In particular, the campers have strong support during the unstructured parts of the day, for example, during meals, clean up, rest hour, and shower hour.

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