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A well qualified, well trained staff means success at Round Lake Camp. All key staff are professional in their fields, as teachers, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists or Jewish educators. Each comes with the experience and training needed to provide the complex and high level program needed for our campers. It is our passion to provide care for the camper as an individual, and to watch them learn and grow.

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It is our passion to care for campers as individuals as we watch them learn and grow.

Counselors are mature, good-natured and carefully selected because of their interests in our campers. Many of our counselors are college students majoring in education, psychology, social work or a related field. Every staff member participates in a specific, week long training program. They are role models as well, as they manage and direct the campers’ experiences in small and large group settings. Throughout the camp session, counselors receive routine support and guidance formally and informally through in-service sessions and hands on supervision. We focus on empathetic care and positive leadership experiences for campers.


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