Who does Round Lake serve?

RLC serves campers ages 7-17 who present with high-functioning autism, ADHD, communication disorders, social skills challenges and learning disabilities.

How do the activities and facilities on the Milford campus benefit RLC campers?

The Milford campus provides diverse resources, including elective activity options, high quality ropes and sports centers, swimming pools, a variety of lakefront activities, dance studios, arts, ceramics and woodworking studios, as well a range of sciences and sports in our Total Specialty Camps and transportation to camp. Each camper is integrated into the ongoing activities of the camp to the best of his or her abilities, and becomes a part of the total NJY camp community.

How are my child’s individual needs met?

We maintain a high camper to counselor ratio. Senior staff actively monitors each camper’s unique needs and maintains close communication with each family. Campers are provided a high level of supervision, with attention to care and detail. Camper medications and health is attended to by a team of nurses and doctors.  Occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work services, bar/bat mitzvah training and academic support are provided.

How are special diets accommodated?

Dietary laws are observed. We have a dedicated, GIG certified Gluten Free kitchen providing kosher meals and snacks. Click here for Health and Nutrition information.

Where do RLC campers live?

Campers reside in dedicated bunks in Nah Jee Wah, Cedar Lake Camp and Teen Village based on age and gender.

What does a typical day look like?

RLC campers participate in programs which take into account individual needs, affinities and abilities. All program offerings of the mainstream camps are available to RLC campers. Participation in adaptive physical education for our campers and our RLC traditions such as the talent show, banquet and prom are a part of the program.

What training does our staff have?

NJY staff is carefully selected based on their experience with our population, educational background and their desire to work in a very intensive environment.  All staff attend a week-long training program. Sessions are tailored for counselors based on the types of children with whom they work. Counselors receive on-going training through weekly meetings and daily supervision on the job.

Where is the Milford Campus located?

Our address is 570 Sawkill Road, Milford, PA 18337

Where can I find information about Covid-19?

Our Covid-19 FAQ’s can be found here

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