Round Lake Camp functions as a program within Camp Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake Camp.

We believe in providing choice for our campers within a structured schedule. We maintain a routine six days of the week and have special programming on Saturdays for Shabbat. Each camper selects electives to give them the chance to gain exposure to new activities and to insure they have ample opportunities to participate in the activities they know and love. With the guidance of a staff member, our 7 to 11 year old campers select 2 electives per day, each that run for a 2 day cycle. Our campers 12 years old and older select 4 electives per day that run for a 3 day cycle. Click here to see all of our amazing electives. All schedules are posted as visual aids in the bunks and in the RLC office. Counselors have daily schedules with them throughout the day and schedules are posted on a daily basis for campers to view. Supports allow campers to participate in all recreational programs with a high level of comfort, with the goal of fostering self-confidence and excitement. 


Special Programs

Special programs include carnival, banquet, campfires (with s’mores!), cook outs, canoe trips, overnight campouts and Color War.

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