What is Round Lake Camp?

The inclusion model at NJY Camps is unique in the camping world. We have created an environment of OPPORTUNITY and CHOICE. Round Lake campers are able to integrate into all mainstream activities based on their level of comfort and interest. We share all the facilities and programming with Camp Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake Camp. We also provide programming specific to Round Lake campers for those who prefer it. Some campers choose to integrate all throughout the day, while other campers choose to join the mainstream programs for certain activities. Campers’ schedules are individualized based on their needs and requests.

All recreational, social and educational activities are designed to meet the goals and capabilities of each child. We pride ourselves in helping children feel good about themselves and in supporting them to develop greater self-confidence. A chief motivation that informs the design of all programming is the mission to help campers improve their social skills. We achieve this through communal living in the camp environment and participation in the many programs offered in the day and evening. We provide comprehensive activities in sports, the arts and the sciences. The Milford site has been developed to offer a broad camp program and a healthy experience within a supportive environment.

friends are happy at camp-webOur 7 to 11 year old Round Lake campers reside in dedicated bunks on the Nah-Jee-Wah campus, while our 12 to 17 year olds live in self-contained bunks on the Cedar Lake campus, yet share the day with their typical peers. Our campers benefit from the support of a high counselor to camper ratio. In particular, the campers have that strong support during the unstructured parts of the day, for example, during meals, clean up, rest hour, and shower hour.

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